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EVALExperience now includes vSphere 6!

I know I’ve had both a lot of local VMUG members as well as forum members where I frequent, asking about when vSphere 6, vCenter 6, and ESXi 6 would be available as part of EVALExperience – as understandably, people are anxious to get their learning, labbing, and testing on. 

I’m happy to announce that it looks like it’s up.  If you head over to the VMUG page found at http://www.vmug.com/p/cm/ld/fid=8792 you’ll note that they show:

NEW! vSphere 6 and Virtual SAN 6 Now Available!

Of course, if you’ve signed up with VMUG, you should be getting the e-mail I just received as well.  I’m not certain if it would go to all VMUG Members, only those that are already EVALExperience subscribers, or what. 

What is now included, as per the e-mail blast is:

NOW AVAILABLE! VMware recently announced the general availability of VMware vSphere 6, VMware Integrated OpenStack and VMware Virtual SAN 6 – the industry’s first unified platform for the hybrid cloud! EVALExperience will be releasing the new products and VMUG Advantage subscribers will be able to download the latest versions of:

  • vCenter Server Standard for vSphere 6
  • vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus
  • vCloud Suite Standard
  • Virtual SAN 6
  • *New* Virtual SAN 6 All Flash Add-On
    It is worth noting that the product download has been updated and upgraded.  They do call out that the old product and keys will no longer be available.  I can understand why, as part of this will be to help members stay current.  But it would be nice if you could use the N-1 version for a year of transition, etc.  Not everyone can cut over immediately and some people use their home labs to mirror the production environment at work so they can come home and try something they couldn’t at the office.
    Some questions I’ve had asked, and the answers I’m aware of:
  1. How many sockets are included?  The package includes 6 sockets for 3 hosts.
  2. Are the keys 365 days or dated expiry?  I understand they’re dated expiry, so if you install a new lab 2 weeks before the end of your subscription, you’ll see 14 days left, not 364.
  3. What about VSAN?  There had previously been a glitch which gave only one host worth of licences – which clearly does not work.  This has been corrected. 
    Just a friendly reminder, as a VMUG leader to look into the VMUG Advantage membership.  As always, VMUG membership itself is free, come on down and attend a local meeting (the next Edmonton VMUG is June 16 and you can sign up here – http://www.vmug.com/p/cm/ld/fid=10777). 

In addition, your VMUG Advantage subscriber benefits include:  

  • FREE Access to VMworld 2015 Content
  • 20% discount on VMware Certification Exams & Training Courses (If you have a $3500 course you need/want, plus a $225 exam, for $3725 total, spending $200 or so on a VMUG Advantage to make your costs $2800+$180=$2980 is a great way to get $745 off.  This is the sell you should be giving your employer Smile)
  • $100 discount on VMworld 2015 registration (This is the only “stackable” discount for VMworld.  Pre-registration/early-bird ends on June 8th I believe)
  • 35% discount on VMware’s Lab Connect
  • 50% discount on Fusion 7 Professional
  • 50% discount on VMware Player 7 Pro
  • 50% discount on VMware Workstation 11
    Happy labbing, and if you’re local, hope to see you on June 16!
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