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vSphere 6.0 GA is out!

Get your download accelerators warmed up folks, looks like you can download vSphere 6.0 today!


Don’t forget if you’re looking to get Customized OEM ISO’s, to check for those.  So far, it looks like only HP is listed at the VMware download site:


I’ve done some looking, and no Dell Customized ESXi v6.0 yet. 

Remember to do your testing and pre-requisite checks.  Not only should you be using the OEM Customized ISO’s if appropriate, but also check your 3rd party support.  Things like Dell OMSA, IBM System Director, Equallogic, NetApp VSC and other storage related plug ins etc.  Also probably most important is your backup products – Veeam Backup & Recovery v8.0, etc.  Don’t jump in with both feet until you’ve done a little testing. 

But DO download the bits, get them ready, and give them a shot in a lab.  Remember you can do Nested ESXi, which might be a good way to give a vCenter Appliance a test and see what’s new before you try to integrate your entire infrastructure with it.  I highly recommend giving the new vCSA Appliance a try, as well as improvements to the Web Client – it’s still no C# client, but you’re going to find it to actually be very much improved!

I understand that the VMUG EVALExperience will have keys in about 3 weeks from GA, so you may need to use a no-key 60 day trial at this point to get started. 

As I get updates to links for OEM Customized ISO’s and more information I’ll update this post accordingly.

Happy Downloading!

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  1. Raphael
    March 23, 2015 at 7:56 AM

    veeam expect to support vsphere 6 at the end of april.. will be a part of 8.0 update 2.. btw cool blog 🙂 just found it because i was searching for the dell 6.0 customized iso!

    • March 23, 2015 at 8:59 AM

      I had seen the Veeam announcement as well, here’s hoping their regression testing goes well.

      I do personally have to comment that I’m a little surprised that there aren’t more partners “ready on launch day”. Especially when the product was “announced” in early Feb, then wasn’t “available” for 5 weeks. Why couldn’t that have been the period companies do their testing? I’m currently at a company that is anxious to deploy vSphere v6.0 and Horizon Suite v6.1 – but the 3rd party support isn’t there yet. It’s unfortunate.

      I haven’t yet found the Dell Customized ISO. Also not that there will likely be a new OMSA VIB released as well, probably a v7.4.1 or a v7.5. Still looking for Equallogic, NetApp, Trend Micro, IBM Customized ISO, etc… Let me know if you find any of them!

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