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VCP Recertification Deadline Extended!

Some breaking news just announced regarding VMware certifications, and I’m excited to share this time!


It looks like EVERYONE will be getting a short extension to the grace period up until May 8, 2015 from March 10, 2015.  So an extra 2 months.  This is certainly good news.  A little disappointing still that some of the VCAP exams got abruptly pulled, but all the same, 2 months extra study time is a great thing. 

Also if you have ALREADY recertified – you get a reward.  You can do the VCP6 migration exam for 65% off the normal retail price of $225 USD or $79.  You’ll need to take this exam by August 31 2015.

I still haven’t seen any official courseware or anything on the VCP6/vSphere 6 track.  So if you’re aware of something, please let me know.  I’d like to start studying for the VCP6 Migration Exam ASAP, so anything is better than nothing. 

If you haven’t booked your recertification yet – DO IT! 

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