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HOWTO: Fix Dell Lifecycle Controller Update issues

Let’s say you’re in the middle of upgrading some Dell 11g hosts. They all have iDRAC 6 and Lifecycle Controllers, and you’ve downloaded the latest SUU DVD for this quarter. Then you want to update everything. You reboot the host, you press F10 to enter the LCC, you tell it to use the Virtual Media mounted SUU DVD ISO that it recognizes, it finds your updates, and you say go… only to get this:


Uh. So who authorizes them, because this is from a Dell SUU DVD, that’s about as good as I can get.

Turns out, I’m not the first person to have this problem, though it’s an older issue:




It looks like the issue is that the LCC is at currently – and needs to be 1.5.2 or better. is current as of my SUU DVD, as you can see above. The other problem, is that Dell provides updates “in OS” for Linux and Windows – which doesn’t really help ESXi hosts at all. Seems the solution for this is a “OMSA Live CD” which I’ve never heard of until today. This can be found at: http://linux.dell.com/files/openmanage-contributions/om74-firmware-live/ and really good instructions on its use at: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/b/techcenter/archive/2014/03/20/centos-based-firmware-images-with-om-7-4-with-pxe

Now, the other alternative should have been to mount the SUU ISO as Virtual Media ISO and boot from it. But for whatever reason, this isn’t working and after selecting it, it just boots the HDD. I’m assuming, this is because the firmware on the iDRAC/LCC is too old and having some issues booting the ISO. That’s fine. I didn’t troubleshoot it too much after it failed 3 times in a row. I dislike hardware reboots that take 10 minutes, which is why I like VM’s, so I went looking for an alternative solution, and was happy with it.

When the system boots from the OM74 Live CD, it will auto-launch the update GUI:


Right now, you only need to do the Dell Lifecycle Controller. You could of course do more, but the point for me is to get the LCC working, then move back to doing the updates via that interface. So we’ll ONLY do the one update from here.

Click UPDATE FIRMWARE, and then:


Click UPDATE NOW in the upper left corner. You can see the STATUS DESCRIPTION showing it is being updated.

When the update is complete, you can then reboot the system and retry using the Unified System Configurator/Lifecycle Controller to complete the rest of your updates. (HOWTO- Using Dell iDRAC 7 Lifecycle Controller 2 to update Dell PowerEdge R420, R620, and R720 s would be a good place to look)

  1. Dave
    December 23, 2015 at 3:14 PM

    All was well until 20 minutes into the update (just the lifecycle one) the fans went to high speed and the system seemed to hang, eventually powered off – now in brick mode, it complains of idrac6 comm failure and haven’t been able to boot to anything.

    • December 25, 2015 at 8:34 AM

      That’s horrible ;(. The last issue I had was one update that took out both power supplies. Obviously that happens from time to time – I estimate my failure rate of any updates via this method to be maybe 1-2%. (Assuming most servers have about 6-7 updates and I’ve done about 25 of them)

      Do you know which update failed? Is it the system bios, LCC, or iDRAC?

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