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Selected as a PernixPro!

So this post is a bit late – it’s been a busy month.  Right around the time that PernixData released FVP v1.5’s latest updates, they also released their list of PernixPro’s (http://frankdenneman.nl/2014/04/04/pernixpro-member-update/) .  This program is similar in concept to VMware’s vExpert, EMC’s EMC Elect, etc – just obviously, for those that spread the word about PernixData.  And I guess this now includes me!

If you’re a home lab user, with slow (ISCSI/block – you’re unlikely to have FC/FCoE) storage, then give a trial of FVP a try – it will likely change drastically the amount of time you can be productive in your lab.  The irony for me is I started using it for my lab, and THEN started wondering how I could use it for production environments.  What can I say, I’m selfish that way Smile  I’m able to do 2-3x more lab work, which means I can learn and test that much more. 

Don’t forget there’s an upcoming release with new features such as NFS and DAS support, plus RAM (so you can try it out without needing to buy SSD’s).  If you have the capability, reach out to just about anyone from PernixData and see if it’s possible to get involved with any beta’s they do or even just a trial when it get’s GA’d – you’re sure to be pleased…

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