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HOWTO: Nexus 5548UP Downgrade Process – v7.x to v5.x

In a previous HOWTO (HOWTO: Nexus 5548UP Upgrade Process – v5.x to v7.x), I covered the upgrade process of the NX-OS.  Let’s assume you have a need to do a rollback/downgrade of that upgrade due to compatibility issues that come up after going live or during testing.  This document will cover that process

The following assumptions are made:

· The N5K in question is connected via “mgmt0” port to your management network

· The N5K in question has the old and new files still stored on it in the “bootflash:”

· n5000-uk9-kickstart-7.0.1.N1.1.bin

· n5000-uk9-kickstart.5.2.1.N1.1b.bin

· n5000-uk9.5.2.1.N1.1b.bin

· n5000-uk9.7.0.1.N1.1.bin

The procedure is as follows:

1) Login to the switch as an administrative user

2) Verify the files are present by running:

dir bootflash:


NOTE: The kickstart for v7 has a “kickstart-7” vs “kickstart.5” (dash vs dot) like all the others.  Pay attention to this difference, just in case. 

3) Run the command:

install all kickstart bootflash:n5000-uk9-kickstart.5.2.1.N1.6.bin system bootflash:n5000-uk9.5.2.1.N1.6.bin


                The default option here to continue is NO, for safety reasons.   You can compare the “Upg-Required” list for YES and look at what process will change.  Note that there is a line for MODULE 101 for the FEX 2K attached in this process.  Also note that this will be a DISRUPTIVE upgrade, unless you have redundant switches with vPC, etc.  Enter Y to continue.

4) After answering “Y” the install will proceed:


                As indicated, the Pre-loading modules may take up to 20 minutes – and it did certainly take quite some time to complete. 

                NOTE: The switch will AUTOMATICALLY REBOOT upon completion

                I recommend you run a continuous ping against the switch, as it will be unresponsive while rebooting and upgrading.  Once it starts responding to pings, you will be able to login again.

5) Log back into the switch

6) Check the versions to ensure success:

Show version


7) If you have any FEX’s attached, check their status as well:

show fex

show fex detail


Note that the FEX is online, it’s FEX Version is also 5.2(1)N1(6) which MATCHES the Switch Version.  Your FEX’s are confirmed as happy with the downgrade.

At this point, the downgrade is complete.  Note that this HOWTO doesn’t cover any switch configuration items such as features or options.  Ensure you check firmware change revisions to determine if any configured settings are not available in the previous version.  These may cause errors upon start after the downgrade, if the configuration attempts to run commands that are not present or have changed/reverted to previous command line usage. 

You should AUDIT the functionality of the N5K and FEX2K after your downgrade.

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