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HOWTO: Dell OMSA v7.4 VIB updates for ESXi via vSphere Update Manager (VUM)

I’m sure that I’ve covered this before, but maybe it a similar post on my blog: https://vnetwise.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/dell-omsa-v7-0-is-out-for-esxi-v5-0u1/

Dell Open Manage System Administrator (OMSA) is the tool installed on ESXi to allow access to the system directly vs via the iDRAC. As ESXi is neither Linux or Windows, it requires VIB’s to install software created by certified partners of VMware. This will cover the process to get the new update installed and available to update hosts during the next maintenance window.

1) Download the latest OMSA VIB – v7.4 for ESXi v5.5. This can be found at: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/DriverDetails/Product/poweredge-r720?driverId=YCYN1&osCode=XI55&fileId=3351566865&languageCode=EN&categoryId=SM

2) Open the vSphere Client and browse to HOME -> SOLUTIONS AND APPLICATIONS -> UPDATE MANAGER.


3) Click on the PATCH REPOSITORY tab and then click IMPORT PATCHES on the upper right corner:


4) Select the OMSA v7.4 file you downloaded in Step 1:


Click NEXT

5) When the file is finished importing, click FINISH.


6) Click FINISH to confirm the import:


7) Click on the BASELINES AND GROUPS tab:


You can see previous “Dell OMSA v7.x.x” baselines we’ve created. We’re going to create a new one for v7.4.0 so click CREATE.

8) Name your baseline “Dell OMSA v7.4.0” and ensure you select “HOST EXTENTION”:


Click NEXT.

9) Type “openmanage” in the search box and sort by Release Date:


Select your option and click the DOWN ARROW to add it to the lower EXTENTIONS TO ADD window. Click NEXT.

10) Click FINISH on the READY TO COMPLETE screen:


11) Next, on the right hand side of the BASELINES AND GROUPS tab, expand your Baseline Group (you should always have created one – that would be another topic).


Note that if you select the pre-existing DELL OMSA v7.3.0.2 the <- arrow turns green so you can remove it. Do so. Then select DELL OMSA v7.4.0 and click the -> right arrow.

12) Note that your Baseline Group is now updated:


13) Click the COMPLIANCE VIEW link in the upper right hand corner.

14) Click SCAN in the upper right corner to scan your hosts for upgrades, patches, and extentions.


15) Check box boxes and click SCAN.


16) Let your SCAN complete:


17) Once the scan is complete, you’ll see your list of hosts now show the EXTENTIONS column as “non-compliant”:


At this point, the next time your have a maintenance window, you can simply click REMEDIATE and choose the BASELINE GROUP. If you have vSphere Patches, ESXi Upgrades (eg: v5.5.0b to v5.5.0 U1), or Extensions (eg: OMSA VIB’s), all 3 will happen automatically in sequence as or if required.

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