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PluralSight is awesome!

I saw a tweet earlier today from @DavidMDavis of PluralSight that just made my day:


If you go to the link in question, you will find: http://pluralsight.com/training/Community/Sponsorships

Basically, they’ve offered to blanket sponsor all User Groups – VMUG was specifically called out, but I’m sure they’re open to any. 

A quick summary of what they’re offering:

  • User Group Leaders will get a free Annual Subscription – worth $299, with access to their entire library.
  • 25 free Monthly subscriptions.  So you could give away 2 each month with one left over, or 6 each quarterly event, etc. 
  • Any unemployed user group members can verify their employment status, and they’ll get a free Monthly subscription to get the training they need to help find employment.
  • 1-3 Annual or Annual Plus subscriptions and potential swag for a large event

That’s amazing in my mind.  First off as a VMUG leader, I really appreciate the annual subscription – mine gets a lot of use being a bit of a certification junkie. But the free give aways for the users in the user group is the thing I really appreciate – I love being able to give back to our community, and this is a great way to pass it along.

So if you get a chance, click on the PluralSight logo on the right hand sidebar and go check them out.  Sign up for a 3 day trial and drink from the firehose.  Come out to an Edmonton VMUG and we’ll be giving away free Monthly subscriptions. 

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