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HOWTO: Correct vSphere ESXi "the ramdisk ‘tmp’ is full"

Tonight we came across an odd error on one of the hosts. We use Nagios for monitoring, and only one host was exhibiting an error checking networking on the host:

Can’t call method "network" on an undefined value at ./check_esx3.pl line 865

Checking the host EVENTS tab, did show the following errors:


The following VMware KB article gives details on the issue:



Following the suggestion from the KB, we see that sure enough, the ramdisk for tmp IS full.


Appears to be the /tmp/scratch/downloads folder in question.


Don’t suppose at 1:25PM the logs were exported by any chance? That’s the only supposition I have at the moment.


I can confirm at the Nagios console that it is having isssues with just that host. Note that the Perl method Nagios uses for checking is horrible, as it logs into the host as root to get its stats. I’d fix it to use SOAP or vSphere API’s, but “Nagios is going away” so it seems like I’d just be wasting effort to invest in Nagios.


After removing the offending file in /tmp/scratch/downloads, Nagios is able to run its checks.

Now – does anyone know how to find out WHY it was full? 

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