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Dell Customized vSphere v5.5 ISO is out!

Hey kids, if you’re on Dell PowerEdge servers, and looking for the Customized ESXi v5.5 ISO, it’s out!


Specifically, it can be found at: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/ca/en/calca1/DriverDetails/Product/poweredge-r620?driverId=20VNP&osCode=XI55&fileId=3286357299&languageCode=EN&categoryId=EC

Also, remember to look for your other Dell 3rd party software you might need to update, such as:

Dell Server PowerEdge BIOS R620 Version 2.0.19:
Note – released 26/09/2013 – doesn’t look like it’s required for v5.5, but if you’re doing reboots and maintenance anyway….

Dell Server BIOS PowerEdge R420 Version 1.6.7:

Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter:
Note – this was released on 25/06/2013 – it may not be v5.5 compliant.

OpenManageServer Administrator vSphere Installation Bundle (VIB) for ESXi 5.1,v7.3:
Note – this specifically says "for ESXi v5.1" – I’ll be trying it on v5.5 shortly, and will report back if there are any issues

DELL IDRAC7 1.46.45 A00 release:
Note – released 02/10/2013

BTW, if any of my 3 readers knows someone at Dell:


Might want to tell them that the OCD vExperts out there are rabid about proper CaMeLCaSe :)  VMware, not VMWare. Dell, you’re a partner, you should know better!

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