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VMworld 2013: Day 2

Well, I guess I didn’t get a recap done for Day 1.  Sorry about that all 3 of you!

Let’s start with what’s been announced….

vCenter and ESXI:

  • Still supported both on Windows and appliance.
  • Single sign on (SSO) is now much more simplified and is recommended to be installed on a single VM.
  • vCenter now supports 2x the host and VM’s.  This wasn’t ever an issue in the environments I’ve seen though.
  • Web Client is where all new features are – as they’ve told us in the past.  The ‘thick’ client is still required for SRM and VUM and a few other features.  However, VUM is now ‘partially’ integrated into the web client, and I’ve started seeing plug-ins that work in the web client (specifically NetApp VSC v5.0)
  • VMDK’s can be almost 64TB.  However, watch out to see if your disk system can go that large.  Some NFS and some LUN based systems are limited to < 16TB in size.  Also, not supported on VSAN.
  • Using your local SSD’s in any host, you can now allocate them as read-cached vFlash.  A number of software vendors out there have similar solutions out there, so they must not be terribly happy about this.  But having options is never a bad thing.
  • No agents required – so much better than the NetApp option I’d been looking at. 


  • Unlike everything else vSomething, note that this one is Vsomething :)  Just to be different
  • Utilized 1+ SSD and 1+ HDD in each host to create a hybrid read-cached distributed SAN across all hosts, or just as many as you’d like.  Stripes the data in a "RAIN" (vs RAID) model across network nodes, so it can transparently handle the loss of a host or node. 
  • Not yet supported in Production – however, Dev is often the "Developer’s Production", as if they can’t work, you have some pretty expensive resources doing nothing. 
  • In public beta at this point – expected to be a full release later this year.

vCloud Networking and Security:

  • VDS can now support multiple LACP connections both in and outbound.
  • Flow based marking & filtering
    All in all, a generally good release.  Other large announcements were NSX – network virtualization based on the Nicira purchase, and intended to do for networking what ESX did for servers.  Also a big push on SDDC with SDN and SDS.  We’ll see how that comes about.  The biggest note was that on the NSX announcement, the only vendor that was not listed as supporting was Cisco.  That’s a pretty big open hole, and there must be something more to that story.
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