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2008R2_LAB: Configuring DHCP in a Windows 2008 R2 environment

Now that the Lab has a working Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DC) and DNS functionality, the next thing we need is to provide DHCP services.  This will allow us to spin up both servers and workstations alike, and provide TCP/IP addresses to it automatically. 

Information you will require to complete this task:

  • User the lab is for – eg: David Lock – we need this for the initials to use
  • The Subnet to use for the LAN interface of the lab – eg:
  • The IP address to use for the Monowall LAN interface (default gateway) of the lab – eg:
  • The IP address to use for the XX-DC1 VM – eg: – this will be the DNS server address in the DHCP scope
  • Start and End DHCP scope IP’s – typically 192.168.x.101 through 192.168.x.199.

1) Login to the first domain controller we have created for the lab – eg: NWL1-DC1, DL-DC1, etc.   When Server Manager starts, click on ADD ROLES.


2) Check off DHCP Server and click NEXT:


3) The left hand size will show a number of screens that we’ll go through.


Read the Introduction and click NEXT.

4) We only have one NIC installed, so choose the only option and click NEXT.


5) Configure the basics of the DHCP scope:


Enter the PARENT DOMAIN name of the lab – eg: NETWISELAB.LOCAL, DLLAB.LOCAL, etc.  Enter the IP address of the DC and click VALIDATE and ensure it turns green and shows VALID.  If a second DNS server exists for redundancy, enter it here.  Click NEXT.

6) On the WINS screen, choose WINS IS NOT REQUIRED and click NEXT:


7) On the SCOPES screen, click ADD:



Fill in the appropriate information.  The SCOPE NAME is logical, and is for reference so it can be anything you like.  I recommend a STARTING and ENDING address of <SUBNET>.101 through 199, which provideds for more than enough DHCP space.  Enter the subnet mask of and enter the default gateway as appropriate.  Click OK.


Click NEXT.

8) On the IPv6 Stateless Mode screen, choose DISABLE and click NEXT.


9) To AUTHORIZE the DHCP scope/server in AD, choose USER CURRENT CREDENTIALS, to use the DOMAIN\Administrator account you are logged in with.  Choose NEXT.


10) On the CONFIRMATION screen, choose INSTALL.


11) The RESULTS screen should show INSTALLATION SUCCEED.  Click CLOSE.


At this point, there is now a working DHCP scope for the lab domain.  No further configuration is required for basic DHCP services. 

Some very quick usage information:

  • DHCP Console can be found in the Administrative Tools folder (along with DNS Console):


  • If you expand out the folders in the console, you’ll see what will soon become familiar options:


ADDRESS POOL is the pool you defined, and where you would edit those settings.


ADDRESS LEASES will be where you find devices that have requested and obtained an IP address.


You can RIGHT-CLICK on an lease and choose ADD TO RESERVATION


Which will then make the lease show up under the RESERVATIONS folder. 


SCOPE OPTIONS will show the settings you entered in the DHCP wizard. 

  • If you are doing this in VMware Workstation, you may need to click on EDIT -> VIRTUAL NETWORK EDITOR:


Here you will need to UNCHECK the “USE LOCAL DHCP SERVICE” so that your server will provide DHCP, and not VMware Workstation.

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