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vSphere v5.1 and Windows 2012–Updates You May Need!

UPDATED SEPT 29 2012!  Check under DELL below.

By now, everyone must be well aware of both VMware and Microsoft’s recent product announcements.  Of course with new products, comes new products which support those ecosystems – both from the vendors themselves and from 3rd parties.  I wanted to try to make a list of these updates, to help folks keep in mind what they need to look for.

VMware Workstation v9.0:

Workstation 9 – of course this brings support both for running on top of Windows 8 and 2012 as a host, as well as support for both OS’s as guests running virtualized.  As with the last few releases, nested virtualization is supported – making it an excellent way to run a “lab in a box” and try out new features of the Microsoft and VMware releases.

VMware vSphere and vCloud Suite v5.1:

Bits for these releases are supposed to be posted and available on Sept 11 2012.  Expect many links that night…

Windows 2012 and Windows 8:

Windows Server 2012 Try It
Various trial versions of the Server 2012 OS and virtual hosted labs for trying out new features.  You can also just recently find the final/RTM version on MSDN.

Windows 8 is also still not yet ‘launched’, so various trial options aren’t available just yet.  The final/RTM version is available via the MSDN site though.

Windows Management Framework 3.0
The Framework includes updates to PowerShell, WMI and WinRM v3.0 for Windows 7, 2008, & 2008 R2

Update for Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2 (KB2734608)
Update for Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2 for x64-based Systems (KB2734608)
WSUS is of course going to need updates to support updating the new operating systems.

Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Component Architecture Poster and Companion References
My IT Directory today tweeted a link to these posters, calling them “Tech Porn” – I cannot disagree!  I’ve always liked any vendor’s architecture posters, they’re great for “at a glance” understanding and discussion.  Even better when you happen to be working for someone with high speed plotters and large format printers….

Dell PowerEdge:

I haven’t found any updates yet, as all of my lab servers are Dell PowerEdge 1950 or 2950 class.  Perhaps after both releases go public.

DELL vSphere Hypervisor 5.1 – note that this is indicated as only for for reinstallation on SD and USB based installations.  I would suspect that you would otherwise simply use the VMware ISO and install the OMSA Extension/VIB’s as required (https://vnetwise.wordpress.com/?s=omsa for instructions on how..).    But we also have an updated OMSA v7.1 VIB for ESXi v5.1!

There is also an urgent update for PowerEdge 2950 DRAC5’s and BIOS 10G that you should install ASAP.


IBM X-Series and Blades:

I’ve reached out to my local IBM reps, but at this time there isn’t yet an IBM Customized ESXi v5.1 ISO (net-new or upgrade) available.  Soon, I’m hoping, as I’m anxious to get this upgrade in.  Though, hopefully, we’ll be able to do it with VUM alone – assuming no VIB/CIM/etc compatibility issues.

HP Servers:

I’ve only just started trying to reach out and find a local HP rep for our local VMUG – but I’m looking for the same customized ISO and/or VIB/CIM updates


NetApp Simplifies Storage and Data Management with Support for Windows Server 2012
Bringing support for Windows 2012, there are updated version of SnapDrive v6.5, SnapManager for SQL v6.0, and SnapManager for Hyper-V v1.2.  OnCommand Plug-In for Microsoft v3.2 which enables SCOM2012 SP1 integration is useful for both Microsoft and VMware shops using SCOM to see an end to end view of their systems and requiring visibility into the NetApp storage portions.  Also OnTAP v8.2 Beta is now public, so if you’d like to get the jump on those features, this would be the time.

UPDATE – Still waiting on SMSQL v6.0 and SD v6.5, unfortunately.

Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for VMware vSphere v4.1 is just coming out of beta, and should be GA/Public in the next week or two.  As soon as I get an update from our NetApp reps, I’ll be sure to update this post.

UPDATE – I understand there were a couple of kinks found for compatibility with ESXi v5.1 and there is one more round of beta to confirm they’re fixed.  I find no fault in a vendor who admits these things and is honest!


Dell EqualLogic PS Series Firmware – v6.0.1
I haven’t had an opportunity to review all the notes here, but the v6.x firmware is out as of Sept 2012, and I’m sure this brings support for both Windows Server 2012 and vSphere v5.1

I think that covers everything for now, but as I get more updates, I’ll be sure to share!

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