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Citrix NetScaler–Free!

We’re in the middle of a Citrix deployment at work, and have brought in two Citrix NetScaler MPX 7500’s to accommodate the requirement.  While talking to the Citrix resource on site, he mentioned that there was a free “express” version, that would be suitable for my Home Lab.  “Free” and “Home Lab” as you might know, are some of my favourite words.

So tonight I did a little looking around:


Turns out it is NOT limited to 1Mbit/sec, but 5.  Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s 5x more than I was told I’d get.  You wouldn’t run an enterprise off it, but if you want access to the world of load balancing, in a home lab or lab in a box, this VERY much seems like the way to go.  It is more than enough bandwidth to confirm it is functional and see the feature set.

Just wanted to share.  I’m still glad I picked up some inexpensive Barracuda 340’s, but this may just replace them over time, and reduce some heat/power/cabling in my lab.  For my PoC’s, this will probably do.

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