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Configuring OMSA v7.0.0 on ESXi v5.0 for use with Dell OME

In a previous post (https://vnetwise.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/dell-omsa-v7-0-is-out-for-esxi-v5-0u1/) I had indicated that the OMSA v7.0.0 VIB’s were out, and how to install them.  While this will certainly get you to a usable OMSA web page (via a proxy install with the full OMSA Web server installation), it is not terribly useful beyond an interactive experience.

As I’ve been working on getting my Dell Open Manage Essentials (OME) installation working, I was running into some errors:

  • Inability to discover/scan/inventory ESXi systems
  • If I was able to discover them, they were being mis-classified.

Working through the issues, I determined:

1) You need to configure SNMP on ESXi.

I found this post – http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/servers/f/177/t/19442142.aspx which led me into the right direction.  The critical portions here are:

  • Ensure you have the vSphere CLI installed.  This is a good idea anyway, and reminded me that I didn’t have it on my management station.
  • Make sure you configure SNMP on each host.  The commands below use the root username and password to configure COMMUNITY=”nw_public”, TRAP DESTINATION of (my OME server) and community of “nw_public” and then actually enables the configuration.  Repeat below for each host in your environment.
    • vicfg-snmp.pl –server nw-esxi1 –username root –password <password> -c nw_public
    • vicfg-snmp.pl –server nw-esxi1 –username root –password <password> -t
    • vicfg-snmp.pl –server nw-esxi1 –username root –password <password> –E

After this, I was still getting hung up on authentication.  Seems that ESXi uses something called WS-MAN, which is not IPMI, SNMP, etc.  So a little digging brought be to a Dell TechCenter post (http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/f/4494/t/19436722.aspx) where a poster indicated the settings he used with success:

In the OME Discovery Wizard:

  • populated the single IP address of my ESXi Server’s management network (I used my management network range…)
  • checked enable WS-Man Discovery
  • populated User ID, and Password
  • Checked Secure Mode, and Trusted Site
  • Left all others default, including the SNMP Config (on)


It took me a bit to confirm that the WS-MAN credentials should be the root login for ESXi.  This was my assumption, but until I was able to use the troubleshooting tool to verify, I couldn’t be sure.

As you can see, I’m now able to see properly classified ESXi hosts in Dell OME:


I am not, however, showing any Service Tags, Warranty info, etc.  I’ll continue to work with it:



What I do find a little frustrating, and similar to IT Assistant is that it classifies non-OMSA instrumented devices as “Unknown”.  I understand why, and there is an option in OME to only detect instrumented devices.  But I don’t think it would be that hard to determine that the scanned system is Windows Server 2008 R2, etc.  Also there is a category for “Microsoft Virtualization Servers” – why not provide the same for vSphere?  Better yet, because of the instrumentation and inventory it knows which “Unknown” systems are living on which vSphere host as a VM – why not nest them under the appropriate vSphere ESXi host?

Ultimately, I understand that Dell OME is only really intended to monitor and inventory Dell hardware devices.  There is no particular need to identify other non-Dell servers, as my goal with OME is to push out firmware/BIOS/driver updates, and be notified of hardware failures, etc.  At at that much, I think I have that working so far.

Another thing that is frustrating – Dell indicates that they won’t have the ability to push updates to ESXi until Q3/Q4 of 2012.  I understand that ESXi has bigger challenges given the lack of service console to install things into, or run the normal Linux based bundle updates.  But ESXi itself isn’t new.  Even if this was just a v5.x thing, I was on the beta team and I’m just ‘a little guy’.  Why wasn’t Dell ready out of the gate with OMSA/OME complaint VIB’s, etc?  You’d think a vendor as large as Dell, with partnerships with VMware, would have been ready on release date.  But that’s a rant for another day…..

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