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Working WMI Filters for GPO–Blocking WSUS reboots

So I’ve been having an issue lately, where my GPO’s were not doing what I’d hoped for my WSUS reboots – namely, they were NOT blocking the setting from my Windows based SAN systems.  Because I name my systems consistently, as NW-SAN# (yes, I’m so creative), it should have been quick and easy – set a WMI filter, apply the WSUS – NO REBOOT GPO and walk away.   If only I hadn’t missed two easy gotcha’s – but at least I have now.

1) Create yourself a “NO WSUS REBOOT” GPO or similar – and ensure that you set the Computer Policies –> Polies –> Administrative Templates –> Windows Components –> Windows Update –> Configure Automatic Updates –> Configure Automatic Updating to something other than “4” which is “Download and install automatically”.   Also, you want to set the GPO to ENFORCED=YES

2) Create a WMI Filter, excluding the system(s).  You want the NAMESPACE = root\CIMv2 and QUERY=”SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Name=’NW-SAN*’”

3) Even though you have a WMI filter, you still need to remember to LINK the GPO somewhere – to the root of the domain, to your Servers OU, etc.

4) Then run through your Group Policy Modeling, and select any user/container for the User and your specific Computer object to test it out.  You should see the results show you which GPO won, and you should see where the WSUS – NO REBOOT GPO won.

What can I say – I do a lot of this at home at night.  I should have caught it earlier!  You can see how this would now let me have it work on NW-SAN2, NW-SAN3, etc.  If you follow a good naming convention, you would easily be able to say “exclude NW-EXCH*” or similar.  Using WMI filters is a good way to do dynamic group membership, without needing to mess with a group.  An alternative might be able to look for the presence of software (ie: StarWind) or OS version (ie: Windows Storage Server), etc.

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